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National Geographic; inspiring parties and the chance to win an 'Expedition'

Want a unique idea for your next party? How about taking a cue from National Geographic and center your party around it! Whether you decide to throw an eco-consious party, a penguin-palooza or a travel themed/explorer party, National Geographic is an endless source of fun unique ideas!

National Geographic's Expedition Granted

For an eco-conscious party; think green! Use recyclable decorations and food ware and only use sustainable naturally grown foods to serve to your guests. Instead of regular invitations, consider using large leaves and write the information of your party on them with a non toxic permanent pen. If you feel the need to use standard invitations use invitations that have seeds embedded in them. Once your guests have all the information they need they can take the invitation and plant it for an array of wildflowers.

If you love penguins, throwing a penguin-palooza would be a great idea. Decorate your area using homemade snowflakes of all different sizes. Serve your guest gummy Swedish fish as a treat and fish (naturally!) as part of your menu. Love the idea? Head on over to National Geographic by clicking here where you can find additional tips like how to dress (wear black and white of course!) and fun games to play to entertain your guests.

If you have a young explorer in your home who channels Indiana Jones on a daily basis throw him/her a National Geographic inspired explorer party, unless of course you're lucky to live in the D.C area and then National Geographic can do all the work for you. For those who don't, think zebra striped and cheetah printed decorations and center the rest of your party around wild animals or even insects. Have your guest collect as many different leaves they can find and see how many they can name. Another interesting game is to have bug catchers on hand and let your young explorer and his guests go 'hunting'. The ideas are endless and can be used for any age you just have to think outside of the box!

Speaking of National Geographic, they have recently launched a new initiative called 'Expedition Granted'. 'Expedition Granted' is set to fund a dream expedition for new explorers. The idea behind the initiative is to give wannabe explorers the opportunity to explore uncharted territory, forge a new path or show the world something unique, now's it’s your chance. 21st Century exploration isn't just for mountain climbers and photographers anymore, but rather an adventure open to all. National Geographic, along with its board of advisors (comprised of experts in art, food, social sciences, technology, filmmaking, journalism, engineering, the environment and more), will choose up to 10 finalists to be voted on by the public. Submissions will be accepted until August 31, 2014.

To learn more about 'Expedition Granted' check out the video attached featuring Jason Silva of 'Brain Games' Once you've read all the rules and think you have what it takes to be an explorer, submit a video up to two minutes in length and a Tweetable elevator pitch at the“Expedition Granted” website. Once you’re on the site you will also have the opportunity to outline your passion project and why it deserves to be granted.

Make sure you also visit National Geographic at where you can also find about more about the environment, the arts, space exploration and so much more. Who knows? You may just find the next coolest idea for parties there as well!

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