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National French Fries Day around Chicago

Yummy garlic fries
Yummy garlic fries

Ah, the glorious French Fry. Whether it's pomme frites with a steak, covered with gravy and curds a la poutine or the salty, skinny batons at McDonald's, we love em. By the way, the GOlden Arches recently launched a test of three types of French fry seasonings at its restaurants in Northern California and St. Louis - there fry lovers can shake Garlic Parmesan, Zesty Ranch or Spicy Buffalo seasonings in a bag with their spuds.

In honor of National French Fries Day, Sunday, July 13, why not grab some of Chicago’s top fries?

Chef Riley Huddleston of I|O Urban Roofscape at The Godfrey Hotel Chicago, IL offers a Brunch Poutine, featuring his “famous fries,” Wisconsin cheese curds, Wagyu gravy and Béarnaise sauce, and topped with a fried egg. He is also a partner in Boise Fry Company, which has three locations in Boise, ID. Stop by for Chef Riley Huddleston’s tasteful preparations of Chicago’s favorite foods, as well as the math-produced, kitchen cocktail program.

Chef Edward Kim at Ruxbin in Chicago, IL offers house-cut Garlic Fries with a zesty house-made chipotle aioli. The fries are crisped to perfection and are indeed Bon Appetit approved, Ruxbin offers outstanding vittles and it's BYOB.

Chef Vic Newgren at SideDoor in Chicago, IL offers a Prime Rib Poutine, which features French fries, Lawry’s Prime Rib, white cheddar, Left Hand Milk Stout gravy, giardiniera, and a fried egg. $15. Delicious items on the gastropub's menu include juicy burgers duck poutine, house smoked pastrami sandwich and bread pudding.