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National Export Initiative NEI/NEXT Framework

California farmers, ranchers and agricultural workers make it possible to feed the world globally with agricultural products such as almonds, olives, strawberries, citrus fruit, numerous kinds of produce, cheeses and various dairy products, meats and wine. It is unfortunate that California is currently facing a water shortage and may be losing its potential to meets its agricultural goals unless an El Nino weather pattern occurs later this year.

U. S. Commerce, Penny Pritzker
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Agriculture is a major U. S. export that fuels economic growth and supports lower to middle class jobs and encourages entrepreneurs of all types. U. S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker launched President Obama’s National Export Initiative NEI/NEXT to help more American companies reach overseas markets by improving data and providing information on specific export opportunities and expand the agricultural industry to countries abroad.

The NEI/NEXT framework connects U. S. businesses to their global customers by:

· Providing industry specific data, making international shipping easier and less expensive by streamlining governmental export-related services, reporting requirements and processes and speeding American goods to more markets through domestic infrastructure improvements.

· Expanding access to finance for U.S. businesses’ NEXT EXPORT TRANSACTION, helping more exporters obtain financing to meet international demand, and ensuring more companies know what products and services are available to reduce risk and export to new markets with confidence.

· Promoting exports and foreign direct investment attraction as the NEXT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PRIORITY in communities and regions across the country.

· Creating, fostering and ensuring U.S. business’ NEXT GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY by helping developing economies improve their business environments, opening new markets, and by establishing conditions and addressing trade barriers to allow more American exporters to compete and win abroad.

The NEI/NEXT framework uses metrics to measure U. S. exports by dollar value, numbering of new and existing companies, measuring companies exporting to more than one market, and the measuring of exports to emerging markets and trade agreements by dollar value and number of companies.

Far too many U. S. companies export their goods and restrict their opportunities nationally. Companies will be able to build upon these metrics and use them to make informed decisions and strategies for future expansion.

The U. S. has trade agreements with 20 partner countries. The Obama Administration is pursuing an ambitious trade agenda and negotiating agreements with countries that together make up more than 60 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product opening a global pathway for American business, farmers and ranchers as well as investors.

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