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National event draws attention to improper use of medications

This past Saturday, the Drug Enforcement Association (DEA) sponsored a national event, known as the Drug Disposal Take-back Initiative.

The event draw awareness to drug addiction, with thousands of locations around the country accepting unused medications. The DEA conducted the event, which is beneficial for families around the country, since unused pain medications pose many risks, especially for young teenagers.

Drug addiction, especially to drugs like heroin or cocaine, can often begin with addicts stealing prescription or over-the-counter pain medications from their families or their friends. Furthermore, such medications will become weaker over time, especially if they are forgotten about. Teenagers are especially at risk for abusing pain medications, when they are easily accessible within the home, which can lead to worse drug addictions.

One of the oldest methods of getting rid of drugs within the home is flushing them down the toilet. However, this event sought to educate the public that this age-old method is actually environmentally unsound. The best way of ridding your family of unused medications is to drop them off safely at a drug disposal center.

While this Saturday was devoted to the safe disposal of prescription drugs in the home, parents should be devoted year-round to ensuring dangerous pills stay out of their child's hands, and monitor the locations of these drugs.

Over the last few years on Long Island, heroin addiction has soared in popularity among teenagers. It is up to parents all over the nation to properly educate their children on all types of drugs- from heroin, to prescription drugs.

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