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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is Feb 23 - Mar 1st.

Eating disorders touch more Calgary families than you may think
Eating disorders touch more Calgary families than you may think
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For many Calgary families, eating disorders affect many individuals, not just the one with the disorder. People with eating disorders come from all walks of life and affect both males and females of all ages. Eating disorders can range from anorexia, bulimia, to obsessing about calorie intake and exercise, to even overeating. Often individuals with an eating disorder also suffer from anxiety, depression or some other illness. Eating disorders are serious, life-threatening illnesses and should not be treated lightly.

February 23 – March 1st is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. By raising awareness and helping others understand about the complexities of eating disorders, we can begin to understand and aid those who suffer from them.

If you or someone you know suffers from an eating disorder, the City of Calgary has many options for seeking help and support. The Calgary Eating Disorder Program has been specifically designed to help those who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, offering treatment options and services including counseling, intervention, In or Out-patient and even day treatment.

The Calgary Counseling Center offers services that deal with eating disorders along with many other personal issues. There is no waiting list to see someone at the Calgary Counseling Center, rather there is a process that you must go through in order to talk to someone. After completion of your counseling form, you will receive a call to set up your first appointment. Fees are based on a sliding scale for each individual. All counseling is based on 'Feeback Informed Treatment' to help continuously provide service and help for those who need it.

Remember that help is only a phone call away and there are many different avenues of support and guidance for someone dealing with an Eating Disorder.