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National dog day and primary day coincide to make a difference for fur babies

fur babies in heaven
fur babies in heaven
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Dog lovers will celebrate National Dog Day on August 26, 2014. We all have different kinds of dogs in our lives. There are working dogs, law enforcement dogs, and the family companion dog. There are also thousands of dogs waiting to be rescued in shelters around the country. Shelters around the country are joining in the No Kill Movement begun by Nathan Winograd. Our dogs should be rescued, not killed. There are no excuses for killing an animal unless it is terminally ill.

The Manatee County Animal Services county shelter has recently celebrated a change in management. The shelter has been under heavy fire from the community after the discovery of many factors that were proof that the shelter did not actually honor its claim made back in 2011 that it was a No Kill shelter. The community recently celebrated a huge victory with the exit of the shelter's leader. There are many more challenges ahead. Tuesday, August 26, is Primary Day for electing new commissioners who can make a difference for the shelter management, and have it become a true No Kill Shelter. The community activists for the shelter animals are excited to turn out the vote for Terri Wonder and Robin Disabatino. These two will work together to make Manatee County a true No Kill county.

The community would also like to honor some special dogs on National Dog Day by electing commissioners who will support the No Kill Movement. Many readers will remember the two dogs Buck and Bill that were needlessly killed by MCAS. Another dog, a stray, was a nameless victim of this shelter last week. The dog is known as the GT Bray. MCAS is accused of not following a true protocol for a No Kill shelter, and this stray was hidden from the public and killed by shelter.

The community would like to honor these three dogs on Tuesday, August 26 with a landslide primary victory for commissioners who will finally make a difference for all animals that become shelter animals on the way to finding a forever home.