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National Dog Day 2014

Bhrama and Wrigley
Bhrama and Wrigley
Beth Fowler

There seems to be a holiday for every occasion. Some are serious, some just silly. Take for example January 3rd, this eventful holiday has three events to celebrate. National Fruitcake Toss Day, National Humiliation Day and Festival of Sleep. Another odd holiday is on September 2nd. National Beheading Day? I can't even begin to think how one celebrates that "Holiday."

One holiday that I like to celebrate is on August 26th, National Dog Day. National Dog Day has two goals: to honor dogs, and to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse. It's an opportunity for us to recognize and appreciate the value and importance of dogs in our lives.

This day is intended to honor dogs for all that they do for us. In addition to giving love and companionship, dogs help us out in countless ways. They are watchdogs for our safety. They lead the blind. Dogs aid in search and rescue, and they seek out bombs and drugs.

The second goal of National Dog Day is to rescue dogs in need. On occasion, dogs need us to save them from homelesness and abuse. The goal of the National Dog Day foundation is to rescue 10,000 dogs a year. Lend a hand to help a dog in need today, or any day.

There are several rescue and animal welfare groups in Alaska that are always in need supplies, volunteers, foster homes and donations. If you are ready to add a furry friend to your family consider one of the following organizations. Instead of just one day of the year make every day National Dog Day.

Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue (ADPR)

Friends of Pets

Straw For Dogs /

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