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National Do Not Send Your Child to School Day a protest of Common Core

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November 18, 2013 has been designated as National Do Not Send Your Child to School Day, in protest of Common Core State Standards Initiative and the accompanying data mining of students. November 18 marks the first day of American Education Week and is just two days away from November 20 which is Revolution Day in Mexico.On that date, the Mexican people began a movement which lead to the overthrow of a dictator who had been in power for 34 years.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a federally-based set of curriculum standards that states began accepting after over four billion dollars of Race to the Top education grant monies were offered to complying states. All but a handful of states adopted Common Core standards after they were introduced n 2009, but resistance has begun across the country as information about the standards and the approximately 400 points of student data to be collected has become more widely known. A growing number of parents and teachers are demanding that education be returned to the control of local and state school boards as mandated by state constitutions. The United States Constitution gives no power to the federal government in the area of education.

Students who are enrolled in private schools or who are homeschooled are also potentially affected by CCSS. The ACT and SAT college readiness assessment tests are already aligning their exams with CCSS, which means that even students outside of the public school system who wish do do well on these tests must become familiar with CCSS standards.