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National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

When it comes to driving, the road should be our number one focus. But as many of us know from personal experience, we can easily become distracted behind the wheel by our smartphones, the radio, other passengers in the vehicle, and more.

Take the pledge to never text and drive.  Save a life.

AT&T is a long-time supporter of the safe and responsible use of mobile devices, no matter where you use them. But with 100,000+ crashes a year involving drivers who are texting, AT&T, through the It Can Wait movement, is especially focused on getting drivers to stop texting behind the wheel.

During this, National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, there’s no better time to remember that safe driving should be our first priority. AT&T is offering the following tips to ensure you don’t let mobile devices become a distraction while driving:

  • Take the pledge at to never text while driving and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same.
  • Use a mobile app, like DriveMode, to curb your temptation to text behind the wheel.
  • If you have a teen driver, take advantage of parental controls, such as Smart Limits for Wireless, which allow you to determine when and how your teen will use their device.
  • Consider a device like Car Connection, which in addition to letting you know where your vehicle is and how it’s being driven, allows you to limit the use of a mobile device while the vehicle is being driven.
  • Watch the thought-provoking documentary “From One Second to the Next,” which tells the stories of people who know the horrors of texting while driving first-hand.
  • Get involved with the It Can Wait movement and educate others in your community and workplace about the dangers of texting while driving. You could just save a life.

Remember, no text, email, web site or video is worth the risk of endangering your life or the lives of others on the road.

It can wait.

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