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National Day of Protesting against amnesty Little Rock

Yelling in the wrong direction
Yelling in the wrong directionlubbockonline

Several activist protested in front of the Arkansas Mexican Consulate earlier today as part of the National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform Amnesty & Border Surge. Despite work hours, bad weather, car problems, & only a short time to prepare, several people managed stand with thousands of other protesters across the country in Defiance of DC. A few misguided illegal alien supporters with some overpaid signs from the Coalicion de Comunidades de Arkansas (another illegal alien group) yelled at us. They probably didn't act near as rude as they did when they held the same signs in front of San Eduardo Church in Little Rock.

On Saturday, a group of bikers protested against illegal immigration. I was able to film most of that event and will post that later. Here are some highlights of the Friday protest, complete with the Big Red Yeller.

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