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National Dance Day at Lincoln Center

For dance enthusiasts or simply anyone who watch So You Think You Can Dance, they knew that this past weekend on Saturday July 26, 2014 was National Dance Day. National Dance Day was created by So You Think You Can Dance co-creator Nigel Lythgoe in 2010. It has now gained nationwide attention as a day to partake in this fun activity and provide health awareness. On Saturday, even the Lincoln Center in New York City had their own dance party for all to enjoy.

National Dance Day in NYC
Jai Waltz

The event was led by Witch and Allison Holker. They taught two dance routines free for anyone who wanted to watch and learn. They segmented each routine into smaller parts to allow the audience to catch on quickly, and then they added it all together. The audience was diverse with different physical levels, backgrounds, and beginner dancers all the way to experienced dancers who were in uniform.

The National Dance Day event had a nice background of the Revson Fountain, which has been at The Lincoln Center since 1967. The fountain is not the usual calm, soothing fountain one would expect to be in front of a performing arts center. Instead, the water crashes down in small rapids. That makes it have a very unique and still refreshing (it is a fountain after all) look to it. Of course, many people like to throw coins in fountains. Be sure that any coin that is thrown in the fountain at Lincoln Center is given back to The Lincoln Center itself.

While National Dance Day is only once a year, it was a fun event to try, at least to see if a future hobby is in the making. For those that want their National Dance Day experience to become a hobby or an all-out lifestyle in dance, signing up for classes could be a next step. No need to wait another year.

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