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National Coffee Month Series: A healthy makeover for your coffee

Viora Cup and Brim Coffee Machine
Viora Cup and Brim Coffee Machine

August is National Coffee Month, according to USA Today 83% of Americans consume coffee on a regular basis which means a lot of people will be celebrating this month. Coffee has a tremendous amount of health benefits however it's easy to add empty calories to this beverage especially when purchased at famous franchises that specialize in a frothy sweet treat.

Below are few recommended ways to revamp your morning cup of java!

Step 1: Brew your coffee at home.

Avoid over priced coffee, long lines, unwanted calories and wasted money by brewing your morning pick me up at home. BRIM’s Size-Wise Programmable Coffee Station SW30 lets users brew a single cup, travel-sized mug, or standard 12 cup carafe of coffee– which means coffee snobs can still brew the perfect portion of their favorite blends without wasting a whole pot of coffee. (Retails for $59.99) Another popular option is the Keurig well known for their single serve fresh brewed coffee and k-cups that offer a large variety of options. (Retails for $119-$199) Take for example on average a store bought iced mocha coffee can range anywhere between 100-290 calories that you can easily make at home.

Step 2: Nix the artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners have been linked to several health problems including an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes and long term weight gain. Other minor adverse reactions include: memory loss, migraines, vomiting and change in heart rate.

Step 3: Make it convenient to carry from home.

For most, carrying tupperware and travel mugs can be a nuisance. Making it easy to travel with your coffee from home will help to keep you on track. The Viora Lid delivers a to-go experience, it drinks like an open-topped cup, unlocks flavor, and eliminates annoying splashes. You can carry your hot coffee worry-free. Conventional lids—when jostled—shoot out jets of liquid aimed for your clothes or dashboard. It reduces splashes in the first place, and, if your drink does splash, the design directs it back in the cup rather than on you.

Step 4: Don't load your coffee with tons of sugar.

This is pretty obvious however most people aren't aware of the extra calories they might be pouring into their coffee on a regular basis. Sugar increases diabetes, obesity and is sure fire way to reck a clean diet! Consumption of too much sugar can also impair the immune system, increase the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

Make your brew health this month!


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