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National Climate Assessment poses disaster for the economy

Spaghetti strands of climate models erroneously predict increasing global temperatures that do not match reality.
Spaghetti strands of climate models erroneously predict increasing global temperatures that do not match reality.
John Christy, University of Alabama

An egregious piece of propaganda issued in the National Climate Assessment, a document described in the Wall Street Journal, produced by so called experts hand-picked by government, and designed to stir hysteria for government benefit. While posing disaster for the climate, disaster for the economy is more likely.

The assessment hypes fears of global warming to unnecessary panic. It attributes to global warming any and all extreme weather events, despite that such attribution is a fabrication of unmitigated magnitude. We are expected to believe that every storm, drought, or flood is caused by mankind heaping carbon into the air, a notion of political fantasy if not wishful thinking.

We are expected to believe the disasters that the models say will happen, but never do. Not one of the myriad models predicts actual observed temperatures. Are we to believe the disaster that the models say will happen but never do, when they missed the mark so badly on temperature?

The world has not warmed for 15 years, with historically warm periods exhibiting more CO2 than exists in the atmosphere now and at times when men had no machines, cars, or industry on which to blame the carbon build-up. Toward these facts, the Congressional testimony of climate experts such as Dr. John Christy, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science, Alabama’s State Climatologist and Director of the Earth System Science Center at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, remain under-reported or ignored completely by mainstream media. Neither does the good news about carbon dioxide get out.

President Obama is poised to promote the report and seek support for immediate and costly remedial action. The effects will be seen less, if at all, on the environment than on the dire consequences for the economy.

Those who question global warming fear such economy-wrecking measures. "Keep in mind that this is a report produced for and with the Obama White House," said senior environmental expert for Heartland Institute, James Taylor. Political motivations play a much larger part than do eco-remediations.

The administration is set to tax coal-fired energy-generating plants into oblivion with stringent regulations on carbon emissions, to be enacted in June. The fight against fossil fuels—with abundant sources lying fallow in federal lands—sources revenue from taxation on emitters. As such, ever stringent emissions regulations fund Obama’s behemoth of big and growing government without so much as an iota of effect on the climate.

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