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National Cleaning Week Mar. 28-Apr 3


National Cleaning Week… March 28-April 3, 2010.

Sounds intimidating already, doesn’t it? Actually, I look at it as motivation to get off my duff and do some things I’ve been putting off. I know I’ll feel better and the house, or at least parts of it, will be better.

The strategy is to do one room or one task each day of the week. By the end of the week, you’ve done quite a bit without overdoing it at once. I’m a little more realistic or at least I set the bar a little lower. I know from the start I won’t get one done every day so I’ll consider it a success if I do five out of the seven!

My cleaning plans are more about details and organization rather than the major projects.

On my list are: 1.) Clean out the refrigerator/freezer and throw away dated food and leftovers. Wipe down everything with a non-toxic cleaner or baking soda water.  Remember, turn the refrigerator OFF when the door is open for awhile but DON'T FORGET to turn it back ON when you're done!  (I've made that mistake before!)  As you can see, little plastic bins work EVERYWHERE!   Yea, Dollar Tree!


2.) Go through the “catchall drawer”. (We all have one by one name or another.) Throw away outdated things like grocery coupons and ads.  Organize what’s worth keeping so it can be found when needed. I get little plastic boxes at the Dollar Tree in town for this too.


3.) Go through the gift/gift wrap/greeting cards. Last time I did this I found unused kid’s birthday party invitations and grade-school Valentines. Nothing unusual about that except my kids are all in their 20’s! Time to let those go!

4.) Sort seasonal clothes and donate what needs to go and store the rest properly… not stuffed and wrinkled.  (St. John's Rummage House, Goodwill or the new Salvation Army Family Store opening in April at 23rd & Ousdahl in Lawrence, KS) will be glad to have your extras and will put them to good use.) 

Use plastic shoe boxes, under-bed storage units for off-season items and baskets for socks, BVD's, etc.  Back to the Dollar Tree!  A zip-up, flexible plastic, enclosed closet-hanging shelf unit is great for sweaters and sweatshirts that take up lots of drawer space.  Old-fashioned but it works!  Holds at least a dozen of my Kansas Jayhawk sweatshirts and jackets!. 

5.) Organize the tool shelves in the garage. Too often a hammer or handful of nails just gets left where it lays. The best idea I had last year was to get a big tackle box from the local Wal-Mart with dozens of compartments that I filled with sorted hardware (some from generations ago!). I dumped all the coffee cans and paper bags of nails, screws and fasteners onto a folding table (covered with a large towel so it didn't scratch) and started sorting them by type/size onto different trays or containers. It was a good project while watching TV. Now I can find things easily and actually use things I already have because I can find them! Now that saves money! Try it!  

Well, that’s my five projects. If I get through those this week, I’ll be happy. And if I don’t, well, National Procrastinator’s Week must be coming soon!

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