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National clean off your desk day

National Clean Off Your Desk Day
National Clean Off Your Desk Day
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Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. Most of us are really busy and sometimes our desk can get a little cluttered due to the lack of time or maybe if there is a lot of stuff on it, it might be a little overwhelming to even know where to begin.

According to Ian McKenzie in an article he has written, Price Waterhouse Coopers released information from a survey on personal organization. It was that, “The average desk worker has 36 hours worth of work on their desk and wastes up to 3 hours a week just “looking” for STUFF!”  That’s a lot of wasted time.

According to an article written by Audrey Thomas, called The Clean Desk: 7 Ways To Get Your Desk Clean And Keep It That Way, there are some guidelines to help keep a desk clean.
1. Think of your desk as prime real estate.
2. Keep supplies close by.
3. Keep things in reach.
4. Think “up”.
5. Create a system.
6. Use a stacked In/Out tray.
7. Get rid of distractions.

There are lots of ideas out there to help clean and organize the desk. If you need extra help check out this book and this CD.
Let’s celebrate National Clean Off Your Desk Day, by cleaning off the desk!


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