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National Chocolate Month is sweeter with Sara Lee

Sara Lee Snack Cakes are chocolate goodness
Sara Lee Snack Cakes are chocolate goodness
Cristine Struble

For some, chocolate brings sweet bliss. Whether it is milky and sweet or dark and decadent, chocolate deserves a whole month celebration. Sara Lee is celebrating the love of chocolate and National Chocolate Month with the introduction of the Sara Lee Brownie Chocolate Chip Snack Cake.

The Sara Lee Brownie Chocolate Chip Snack Cake is a double batter mix of brownies and rich chocolate chip cookies. The snack cake is the perfect bite of chocolate goodness. The brownie/cookie blend is soft and melts in your mouth. From a school lunch treat to an afternoon indulgence, the Brownie Chocolate Chip Snack Cake satisfies the chocolate craving.

"We're happy to help indulge fans with a full assortment of Sara Lee Snack Cakes, including mouth-watering chocolate cakes, cupcakes and brownie and chocolate chip fresh cakes for National Chocolate Month - and all year long," said Lorraine Hall, Marketing Category Director for Bimbo Bakeries USA. "Everyone knows that chocolate helps boost your mood, too, so why not celebrate with something sweet?"

Sara Lee's Snack Cakes are fresh-basked and ready for consumers' cravings all year long with a complete selection, including the Devil's Food Creme, Golden Fudge, Chocolate Creme Cupcakes and more.

Take a moment and enjoy the chocolate goodness from Sara Lee Snack Cakes.