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National Cheese Pizza Day: Pizza Hut gives discounted, free pizza

Free pizza on National Cheese Pizza Day? Some of the strangest holidays celebrated in America offer up the best freebies. On September 5, pizzerias around the country are offering up a slice at no charge in celebration of this cheesy day. According to Pizza Market Place on Thursday, Pizza Hut is celebrating the event with cheap cheese pizza that anyone can order.

Local establishments around the country are offering up deals and freebies for National Cheese Day. The Long Island News is reporting on Thursday that Italian restaurants and pizzerias are coming together to serve a cheesy slice for little to no cost to celebrate the special day. The holiday has been celebrated for over ten years and each year more and more establishments get involved to remind customers to stop by and have pizza for dinner.

Apparently the invention of the pizza is still a hotly contested topic. The most accepted origin is in Naples, Italy. Nobody is arguing that a hot slice of cheese pizza doesn’t taste good though. It’s as basic as pizza can get, most fans will agree it is probably the most satisfying slice on the planet. Celebrities that have endorsed Pizza Hut include: Blake Shelton, Elijah Wood, and James Franco.

If you are looking for free pizza, then buy a pie on Sunday from Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is give away a free large, one-topping pizza to the first 1 million customers who order using the Visa Checkout platform. The coupon offers up another great free meal just for buying on a special day and politely asking.

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day. Don’t go putting pepperoni on the slice as that is celebrated in March!

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