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National cereal day in March

As the day is started and the cereal is ready to be eaten, think about national cereal day. March 7 is national cereal day. Cereal gets people going in the morning and is a welcoming midnight snack.

Cereal actually was not created until the 1800s. Meat, eggs and other food seemed to leave soldiers sick to the stomach during the Civil War. It was not until then that cereal was created.

Back then though cereal was not the tasty treat it is today. Cereal was often hard to chew and swallow. However, it helped with digestion. The cereal nuggets had to be soaked overnight to even be chewed.

In the late 1800s, Kellogg hung out at a health spa and started to think about cereal. He and his brother came up with corn flakes and granola. Post also hung out at the same health area. He was recovering from his second nervous breakdown. He developed Grape Nuts cereal.

Sugary cereals didn't make their start until 1939. Media such as radio and newspaper ads were more popular. The word on more sugary cereal began sweeping the nation.

Today 49 percent of Americans start their day on cereal!

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