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National Catfish Day: Grab the rod and reel - it's time to go fishin'

National Catfish Day:  Grab the rod and reel - it's time to go fishin'
National Catfish Day: Grab the rod and reel - it's time to go fishin'
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

It’s time to grab the rod and reel, folks. June 25 is National Catfish Day. In 1987, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed this day as “National Catfish Day” to recognize the value of farm-raised catfish and people around the nation have been celebrating ever since!

Much of the farm-raised catfish in the United States comes from state-of-the-art, freshwater ponds. Catfish is the leader in the aquaculture industry. Today, catfish is a popular staple in American households.

Whether you prefer yours baked, fried or smokin’ hot off the grill, they sure are good eating! In honor of National Catfish Day, why not whip up one or two of the catfish dishes below?

Delish Catfish Dishes

  • Layered Catfish Dip – The quick recipe calls for softened cream cheese, mayo, chili sauce and 2 catfish fillets.
  • Buffalo-Style Catfish Strips with Ranch Dressing - This recipe serves 8 and uses cornflakes and one pound of catfish fillets. Spice it up a little with some hot sauce.
  • Baked Catfish – This 5-star dish calls for two catfish fillets, butter, dry white wine, lemon juice, cilantro, garlic, paprika and salt and pepper.
  • Blackened Catfish – This recipe, courtesy of The Neelys, calls for peanut oil, four catfish filets, cayenne pepper, garlic and onion powder, thyme and a tasty Cajun Remoulade (recipe included.)
  • Catfish with Tomatillo Salsa in Packets – You’ll need catfish or tilapia fillets, ground cumin, tomatillos, onions, one jalapeno or Serrano pepper, garlic cloves, fresh cilantro, lime, cayenne pepper and extra virgin olive oil for this dish.
  • Catfish and Potato Hash – This recipe calls for two russet potatoes, canola oil, one pound catfish fillets, ham, red bell pepper, scallions, whole-grain mustard and lemon.
  • Catfish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw and Chipotle Cream Sauce – Tired of the same old ho-hum recipes? Try this 5-star taco recipe on for size.
  • Barbecue Catfish – This smokin’ dish calls for four catfish fillets, dry rub, cooking oil, hickory chips and a homemade Tartar sauce.

Happy National Catfish Day!

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