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National Canine Cancer Foundation to study efficacy of natural supplements

Liam, a beloved Springer Spaniel
Liam, a beloved Springer Spaniel
Maureen Harmonay

The National Canine Cancer Foundation (NCCF) announced today that it is seeking dogs who have been diagnosed with cancer, or those with liver problems or chronic pain, to participate in a study that will measure the effectiveness of natural supplements on mitigating canine cancer.

The research will be funded, in full, by Elimay Supplements, which manufactures a line of chewable tablets containing essential nutrients and herbs which are promoted as being effective anti-cancer, immune-boosting, detox, and longevity agents in dogs.

The scope of the problem is sobering. According to the Morris Animal Foundation, one in four dogs dies of cancer. It’s the principal cause of death in all dogs over the age of two.

For Ernie Kerns, the co-founder of Eli May Inc., parent company of Elimay Supplements, the statistics are personal. His beloved dog, Elimay, was a cancer victim, and ultimately, lost her life to it. She became the inspiration for the company’s work: to improve and enhance the quality of life for dogs who are stricken by this dreaded, and often fatal disease.

The NCCF is a nonprofit organization that seeks to eliminate cancer as a major health issue in dogs. It will provide information about the progress of the study on its website, with profiles of the canine participants and the supplements they are receiving.

If you have a dog who has cancer, a liver problem, or chronic pain, contact NCCF at for more information about joining the study.


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