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National Breakfast Month: Easy energy packed meals that fit the budget

Try these easy energy packed meals for breakfast that will fit any budget
Try these easy energy packed meals for breakfast that will fit any budget

Everyone loves celebrating a holiday and this entire month you can enjoy easy to make breakfast items that will not only boost your morning energy but will also fit any budget. If you are looking for affordable quick and easy breakfast food that will last until lunch then you are in luck.

According to a Fox2now report published on Sept. 2, September is National Breakfast Month. What better way to start your day than with a meal that is easy to make, provides a boost of energy, will last for hours, and is affordable for any budget. Try these easy breakfast ideas that are sure to please any family.

Protein on a budget

Protein takes quite a while to digest so including this in your breakfast each morning is an easy way to help ensure that you stay full until lunchtime. Simple protein items such as peanut butter or hardboiled eggs will usually provide you with hours of fulfillment. Peanut butter on whole wheat toast can be an easy way to provide a complete protein and is affordable for any budget.

Of course for those meat lovers there is always turkey bacon that is much healthier for you than pork. Yogurt is another very healthy protein source that is an easy energy packed breakfast when combined with fruit will help you feel full for hours. To help you save on your grocery budget, buy fruit in season or learn how to forage for free produce in your local neighborhood.

Whole grains on a budget

Whole grains also take longer to digest and will provide you with longer lasting energy. Easy breakfast ideas that fit the budget include oatmeal, whole grain bread and eggs, pancakes with fruit or fruit spread. To save even more on your grocery budget try making your own energy packed fruit spread such as thick apple pie filling when apples are on sale.


Quick and easy breakfast for kids is typically the norm for most families. According to a News4Jax report on Sept. 1, the two best ingredients you can give your kids for breakfast are protein and carbohydrates.

Many kids love vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit mixed in and topped with granola cereal. For kids that do not like yogurt, try whole grain pancakes topped with homemade fruit spread or pie filling. This is usually a favorite with many kids and is easy to fit into any family budget.

Try celebrating National Breakfast Month this year by giving your kids a healthy breakfast packed with long lasting energy.

Happy National Breakfast Month!

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