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National Bike Month - May!

May is National Bike Month

The weather has been challenging for the last several months. Recently it’s been both glorious and rainy. However, spring is on the way and May is National Bike Month. It’s a great time to get out your bike, or purchase one, and ride! Before you do ride, here are tips to help make your bike ride is safe.

Make sure your bike fits you. Bike fitting is an expertise that few possess. Make sure you have a qualified person fit your bike to your particular body type. I bought a bike that was too big for me and I’m still dealing with the ramifications.

Tune up. Make sure the brakes; gears and all mechanisms are in working order. Check your tires to see if they are threadbare. Replace what needs to be replaced. Safety starts with a machine that works well.

Helmet up. Wearing a bicycle helmet protects your head and significantly reduces the incidence of traumatic brain injury and death. Not wearing a helmet is decidedly uncool.

Stay in control of your bike at all times. Riding with hands off is dangerous. If a dog off a leash, a small child, or an inexperienced rider suddenly crosses your path you have less time to get out of the way. Even a few seconds could make the difference between a safe reaction and a crash. Let’s be safe.

Bike etiquette. Communicate with fellow riders. Let them know if you are passing (always on the left) by calling out, “passing on the left.” If you see glass or a pothole, let other riders know. Signal when you are stopping and/or turning. Don’t ride and chat, two by two is fine for the ark but not on a bike ride.

Ride with traffic. If the roads are one way, stay as left as you can so that the driver can see you. Two-way traffic stay right.

Be alert. Lose the headphones. Too many accidents are attributable to riders who either do not hear or are distracted. Don’t add yourself to the growing stats.

Have fun. Bike riding is a great sport and a great transportation system, during May and every other month.

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