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National Beat: Motley Crue's Tommy Lee Hits GSR's LEX Nightclub - OMG!

By Nick McCabe – Front Row Photo

LEX is a playground that must be explored.
all photos by Nick McCabe - Front Row Photo

On July 25th Motley Crue’s farewell tour stopped in Reno, and drummer Tommy Lee followed that show with an appearance at LEX, the newest and most outrageous nightclub in the country located in Reno’s Grand Sierra Resort, where he and DJ Aero killed it all night long. I was invited to come and experience LEX and Tommy Lee by Tara Trovato and Mike Draper of Draper Strategies, the Public Relations firm partnered with The Grand Sierra Resort and LEX Nightclub.

This place is unbelievable! LEX is the most incredible night spot I have ever been in. Admittedly, I don’t go clubbing much though…but still! Based on film footage I’ve seen (because I’ve never really been there) LEX rivals the legendary Studio 54 from back in the days of anything goes, over the top super indulgence in New York City. LEX is the centerpiece of The Grand Sierra Resort’s $40 million facelift. With a footprint of 25,000 square feet and a capacity of 1,100 people this is a place to see and the place to be seen. The $1,000,000 lighting system pulls out all the visual stops in framing the body thumping sound system that pounds like a non-stop freight train barreling through your chest. As soon as you walk in to the place your senses are overwhelmed by sound and vision.

The spectacle begins before you even enter LEX. Outside the entry to the club there are platforms in the midst of the gaming tables with beautiful costumed girls dancing. Besides the spectacle of lights and music that assaults you upon entry, there’s a pool in the middle of the club occupied by beautiful LEX girls playing in the water, splashing about, playing with hula hoops, and having a good time with one another. On either side of the pool and up front on either side of the stage are dance platforms with provocatively attired dancing girls working up a sweat, both on themselves and on those paying close attention to their hedonistic performances. The theme of the club is - “where elegance becomes unruly”. I’m thinking “where the unruly come to play” would work just as well. The deep end of the pool is covered by a glass dance floor giving the feeling of dancing on water.

Around the perimeter of the room is a tiered landscape of tables and booths, 33 of which are private VIP booths. I was lucky enough to be there with Draper Strategies who had a booth. It was set up with a large bowl of ice (lit from below), several cocktail glasses, several bottles of Sky Vodka and orange juice, shakers…the whole wazoo! The private booths even come with their own cocktail waitress. It was something else.

With no fanfare or other announcement whatsoever Tommy Lee appeared up on the stage doing his thing with his DJ'ing partner DJ Aero. I didn’t even know he was there until I walked up to the front to take some pictures. He looked like he knew what he was doing, but I don’t know the first thing about DJ’ing so I didn’t know what to watch for. The crowd was worked up and into it. Tommy was spinning and laughing and having a good time. I climbed up on the stage and got behind Tommy for a few pictures of him with the crowd beyond.

Speaking of the crowd, the room was packed, and I saw nothing but people having fun and enjoying each other. As I strolled around, people kept asking me to take their picture. People were dancing in groups as well as with their own dates. It was a rowdy, but in-control crowd. The demographic of people sharing the dance floor covered all ages up to probably the upper 50’s. People of all ethnic and social backgrounds were sharing the tight quarters without any trouble at all. It was a fun and beautiful crowd. There were lots of beautiful woman and a bunch of okay guys (I can’t get too enthusiastic about the guys). LEX has three bars and can serve up just about anything you could dream of.

The club is open from 8:00PM to 4:00AM Thursday through Saturday. My recommendation is to get there early and avoid the rush. Although the room wasn’t terribly crowded at 10:30, by 11:00 the line to get in was at least a couple hundred people long. Parking can be a challenge to. You might want to get a Limo or cab. At the very least carpool.

So put on your sexiest outfit, your coolest shirt, and your best dancing shoes, and head out to LEX for an evening you won’t soon forget.

There are more photos in this gallery. It's much better!

...and the beat goes on.

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