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National Association of University-Model Schools: A viable, educational option for Christian parents

Started by Burleson, Texas home-schooling parents, the National Association of University-Model Schools (NAUMS) is an unique approach to education. When these parents reached an impasse at what they coud do at home to adeqequately prepare their children for college and then realized all the time spent finding co-ops and certified teachers, was leading to nothing but frustration, these parents analyzed this situation: What is the problem? And what is the solution?

In the early 1990s, they came upon an answer--a new education model combining the best attributes of home-schooling with the best attributes of traditional Christian education. They knew they didn't want to start a homeschool co-op, but a school. However, they didn't want to eliminate the time they had with their children in which they could impart their own faith and values. This "revelation" birthed a school, which in a few years down the road launched the national organization, NAUMS.

According to Barbara Freeman, NAUMS director, "This new school concept provided the gift of time--one of the major attributes of home schooling, in conjunction with parental involvement, along with the all-inclusiveness of a strong academic environment in all subjects, preparing for college and life." Freeman, who was in public education for 33 years before joining NAUMS, also notes, "It was easy for me to see that this was a quality instructional model of education and was highly effective." 

The first school opened in 1993, Grace Preparatory Academy located in Arlington, Texas,  with slightly more than 100 students. Now they have 500  students and certified accreditation. July 2002 marked the launch of the NAUMS organization as a whole.  Now 8-years-old and growing, NAUMS not only supports the already-established schools, but also seeks to continute to spread the messae of the model through the United States. Starting with 12 schools in 2002, NAUMS now has 47 schools today, but is hoping word-of -mouth will turn into more media exposure. Freeman says, "We believe the vision of this model is absolutely essential to our nation--to strengthen American's families and values by helping parents prepare college-worthy, character-witnesses for Christ for the next generation. This school model is the vechicle to do that." 

To learn more about NAUMS, visit or phone 866-760-9508.


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