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National acupuncture and oriental medicine day, 2013

October 24th is National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine day. Celebrate by improving your health
October 24th is National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine day. Celebrate by improving your healthD.Bock

October 24th is National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine day (AOMday). Acupuncture has come a long way over the years in regards to national acceptance as an important form of medicine. National AOM day is a way to celebrate that success and to hopefully build on it to bring this important form of health care to more people.

The term “Oriental Medicine” refers to the many different systems of medicine throughout Asia. They all have similar characteristics but vary slightly in how they diagnose and treat patients. The most common form of Oriental medicine in this country is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The important thing is that all of these systems of medicine have ways of understanding how the body heals and how to help that process.

Acupuncture as a medical technique is becoming so popular that it is now regularly used by the U.S. military and VA medical system. The World Health Organization also recognizes Oriental medicine as an important medical system. Many physicians are taking quick training courses in acupuncture and currently many physical therapists in the state of Wisconsin are using acupuncture to treat patients. While there are some serious questions about the level of training, certification and legality of some practitioners who use acupuncture, the fact remains that acupuncture is being used more and more.

If you were ever interested in acupuncture or what Oriental medicine has to say about your medical situation, now is a good time to check it out. Some practitioners are running specials and have other offers in conjunction with AOMday. Look for a nationally board certified acupuncturist at the NCCAOM website. In Wisconsin, a listing of qualified practitioners can be found on the Wisconsin Society of Certified Acupuncturists website, and the state credentials of practitioner can be found at the state department of professional services.