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Nation’s first all-in-one abortion clinic/birthing center

Two doors
Two doors
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How distasteful an idea is combining the beginning of life and its premature termination in one macabre setting? By way of an answer, consider that way-left loon Amanda Marcotte (h/t Tami Jackson, Black Sphere) gives the idea a double thumbs-up. She writes:

It's a step forward in the necessary integration of abortion into other forms of OB-GYN care: Feministing reports that the nation's first-ever birthing center/abortion clinic has opened in Buffalo, N.Y. The clinic, run by Dr. Katharine Morrison, offers a traditional slate of gynecological services, including abortion up to 22 weeks, under the name Buffalo WomenServices. But they also have a freestanding birthing center called the Birthing Center of Buffalo, where women who want a nonhospital birthing experience can go while having the benefit of being attended by a certified nurse midwife and an OB-GYN who has admitting privileges at the local hospital in case of complications.

Clicking through to the link at Feministing takes you to an article by Verónica Bayetti Flores, who applauds this “awesome” (her word) new endeavor, which unites “birth justice and abortion access” in one convenient environment. I don’t know what birth justice is, but something tells me it’s not an extension of the ludicrous term reproductive rights to include the fetus.

Flores links in turn to an article in the Buffalo News that quotes the above-mentioned Dr. Morrison as saying:

Both of these experiences – abortion and birth – can exist in a woman’s reproductive life. Many mothers have had abortions or will have one.

One almost imagines a woman with child approaching a sterile reception desk where she is asked whether she has come to give life or death to her unborn child.

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