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Nathaniel Kibby allegedly tortured Abigail Hernandez for nine months

Abigail Hernandez was missing for around nine months
Abigail Hernandez was missing for around nine months
WIBX9560 News AM Via National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

New reports about the Abigail Hernandez case indicate that the once-missing teen was tortured by her alleged captor Nathaniel Kibby. On Wednesday (Aug. 13), this report revealed that the teen "suffered numerous acts of violence" at the hands of the man who reportedly kidnapped her and held her captive for nine months. She was also reportedly "violently abducted" by the man who is described as a radical far-right survivalist type by his neighbors. However, no details or specifics about the violent torture she suffered was released by the teen's attorneys. They did release a statement on her behalf, asking for privacy:

"Abby needs and wants some time and space to physically and emotionally heal. It is going to be a long process in pursuit of justice for Abby and for Abby to get physically and emotionally stronger. We do not intend to have this case tried in the press."

A lot of questions will hopefully be answered in time, but it's also understandable that the family wouldn't want certain details to be shared. This girl was just 14-years-old when she was reportedly abducted, turning 15 during her alleged captivity. She undoubtedly lost part of her childhood while stuck in a storage bin and forced to perform unspeakable acts. She deserves peace, quiet and privacy. She also deserves to enter her young adult years without every single detail of what happened to her plastered across the internet and on paper.

Even though the lack of info is understandable, it will also give way for more speculation and conspiracy theories regarding this teen's case. There are still people who believe that she may have been willingly missing the entire time, and that she may have never been held captive. The comments in various news reports are haunted by many of these types, who insist that she is not an innocent victim based on little more than the fact that she faced her alleged captor in court - and later flipped off photographers with the media. And there are others who believe that the teen was missing for so long because she was pregnant.

Maybe in time the truth will be known in entirety, but for now it seems that Abigail Hernandez is a victim and a survivor of something that very few young women survive. She is now among the very few cases of survival: Jaycee Dugard, Elizabeth Smart, Michelle Kinght, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus.