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Nathan Whittington covers his tracks at The Black Sheep

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Nathan Whittington covered several of his favorite songs at The Black Sheep, on July 5. He was the opening act, along with The Widowhood Effect. Lazer and Levi was the direct support and In Much of Madness was the headliner. Whittington strummed his guitar, provided vocals and Mikaela O’Rorke was his special guest.

Nathan Whittington covers his tracks at The Black Sheep.
Sareth Ney/
Nathan Whittington covers his tracks at The Black Sheep.
Sareth Ney/

As the stage lights dimmed, Whittington made his way onto the stage. After walking across the stage, he picked up his guitar and unraveled the cable attached to it, as he greeted the audience. Then, he began his recital by covering Blink-182’s “Shut Up”.

Prior to covering Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes”, Whittington reminisced about the time he was on the same lineup as his friend’s band. He mentioned how his friend introduced him to the song, fell in love with it and wanted to learn how to play it.

Leaving his capo clamped to the head of Whittington’s guitar, he went onto cover Sublime’s “Santeria”. Adding his own spin throughout the song, the audience attempted to catch up with him and sing along. After bringing the song to an end, he took time out of his set to thank the venue and acknowledged the other bands on the bill with him.

Before covering Never Shout Never “Coffee and Cigarettes”, Whittington requested O’Rorke to join him on the stage. He introduced the song’s title and admitted to spacing out the band’s name. After O’Rorke stood a few feet away from him, he pulled a bar stool behind him, sat on it, went onto provide lyrics to the first verse and strummed the melody. O’Rorke accompanied him on the chorus and sang the second verse. She remained on stage and assisted Whittington with The Front Bottoms’ “Au Revoir (Adios)”.

After asking the sound technicians how much time Whittington had left, he ended his concert with The Strokes’ “Someday”. He encouraged everyone whom knew the words to the song to sing along with him. Before he performed, he readjusted the microphone for it had given him issues throughout the last half of his set. As he sang, members of the audience sang along with him. Towards the end of the song, he struck the base of his guitar to provide percussion.

The Wonder Year’s “Passing Through a Screen Door”, Bright Eyes’ “Lua”, +44’s “No It Isn’t” and OK Go’s “Skyscrapers” were also part of Nathan Whittington’s set.