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Nathan Trapuzzano: Trapuzzano, a father to be, gunned down in senseless murder

Nathan Trapuzzano was expecting a baby on May 7 and would celebrate his first wedding anniversary on May 11.

Nathan Trapuzzano was weeks away from being a father. The Pro-Life counselor from Indianapolis was gunned down this week in a what police believe is a failed mugging attempt.

Says the Inquisitr on April 2:

"Nathan Trapuzzano has dedicated his life to saving the lives of unborn babies, yet his life was cut short before he could meet his own baby, who is due next month. The 24-year old newly-wed was shot and killed early Tuesday, while he was out for his morning walk, praying the rosary just as he did each day."

Trapuzzano, 24, was shot in the stomach as he took his morning jog. Security camera footage showed two suspects following Nathan shortly before 6 a.m., then running from the scene. Police are working to identify the suspects.

Trapuzzano's wife, Jennifer, is eight months pregnant and is due to have a baby girl next month. The Trapuzzano’s had been married only a year; their one-year anniversary was next month as well.

Fox 59 reported that Nathan, who is also a computer programmer for Ivy Tech Community College, was found shot and bleeding outside the Tron Tire Shop on 3509 W 16th St, Indianapolis. Trapuzzano was taken to the hospital, where he died two hours later.

Police believe the would-be muggers attempted to rob Trapuzzano; one man confronted him while the other acted as a lookout.

Nathan’s family released the following statement Wednesday:

[Nathan] was so in love with his wife Jennifer, and unborn baby daughter, Cecelia. He was so excited about being a new Daddy. Nathan Trapuzzano was the most kind-hearted person you would ever know. He never had an unkind thought in his head ... The loss of this very, very special young man has been such a shock to our entire family.

The Daily Mail, which also carried the security camera footage, picks up the story:

Mr. Trapuzzano was committed to his Catholic faith and regularly volunteered as a sidewalk counselor outside a city abortion clinic. His priest, Father Roberts, paid tribute to the “serious young man [who also] knew how to have fun.”

He recalled feeling honored to marry the couple last year and said: “My prayer for Nathan and his wife was simple: ‘May God grant you many, many happy years.’”

In his touching tribute to Mr. Trapuzzano, Father Roberts said the victim's murderers had taken “the life of one of the best young men I have ever known.”

Mr. Trapuzzano's family has sent up a Go Fund Me page to help his young widow raise their baby girl and pay for funeral costs. The fund had raised more than $92,000 in less than 24 hours.

"He had his whole life in front of him, never been in trouble before, never been a problem, was minding his own business, doing what anybody in our community should be able to do and that is to take a morning walk," said Commander David Hofmann of the Indianapolis police.

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