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Nathan Trapuzzano killed: 24-year-old father-to-be gunned down on walk

Crime scene tape (file photo)
Crime scene tape (file photo)
Wikimedia Commons

The murder of Nathan Trapuzzano has shaken his Indianapolis community and police are stumped over a motive for the death of the 24-year-old. Trapuzzano, a young father-to-be, newlywed, recent summa cum laude, devout Catholic, and avid fitness walker, was shot and killed in the neighborhood he lived and walked in daily. Although Tuesday’s brutal homicide was caught on tape, investigators have yet to identify the attackers and make arrests in the case, citing an April 3 News Max report.

According to Life News, Trapuzzano was a sidewalk pro-life counselor at a local abortion clinic. Police are not saying whether his vocation had anything to do with his murder.

IMPD officers, using grainy surveillance footage from a local merchant, say there are two possible suspects, who are connected to Nathan's murder. It's unclear of their race or ethnicity, but one was the shooter, while the other acted as a lookout. Initial reports suggest the victim was randomly targeted in an attempted mugging. However, he had no valuables on his person at the time.

IndyStar wrote that Nathan Trapuzzano and his wife (shown here) were to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and were looking forward to the birth of their first child together. Moreover, the young dad-to-be was preparing to turn 25 in the same month. Instead, friends and family are managing unspeakable grief and making plans to bury him.

Residents and acquaintances described Nathan as a person who loved life, religion, his wife, unborn child, and was eager to be of service to anyone -- even strangers. It's understandable why his death has shocked the Indy community.

Upon hearing of Trapuzzano's death, Father Christopher Roberts, who met the "gentlemen" of a human being at Ball State, wrote this in his blog:

There were two things beyond his command of Latin letters that impressed me about Nathan from the start. The first was his goodness. He was a true gentleman, considerate of others and always wanting to become a better man. The second thing that impressed me about Nathan was his deep Catholic faith. …

"We pray also for his murderers, who took the life of one of the best young men I have ever known. May God forgive them."

In wake of Nathan Trapuzzano's untimely death, Ball State officials have pledged a full two-year scholarship to his unborn child. Additionally, a fund has been set up in his family's name. As of this writing, thousands of donors have made financial gifts.


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