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Nathan Trapuzzano gunned down: Newlywed, father-to-be gunned down while walking

Nathan Trapuzzano shot and killed while on morning walk.
Nathan Trapuzzano shot and killed while on morning walk.
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Nathan Trapuzzano was gunned down while walking in Indianapolis early Tuesday morning. The 24-year-old innocent victim was a newlywed and father-to-be. The tragedy happened between 5:45 and 6 a.m.. that morning when police believe two people were involved in the murder.

An Apr. 3 report by CBS News explained that Trapuzzano was followed by two suspects. One "acted as a lookout" and the other was a gunman. In surveillance video footage obtained by police, they saw one suspect trying to catch up with Trapuzzano walking and another person showing up a short time later. Nathan Trapuzzano was gunned down right after that.

Police say the man was killed for "absolutely no reason" and that's what makes this murder "particularly troubling." Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept. is urging anyone who may know something about this to come forward. They said they would do everything in their power to protect their identity in an effort to find the two suspects. They believe they live in the area.

Trapuzzano leaves behind his wife, Jennifer Trapuzzano, and their unborn child due next month.

What a senseless act of violence. Was it someone who knew the victim or just a random act of violence? Nathan Trapuzzano was killed during the best time of his life and his wife must deal with that unthinkable reality in addition to having a baby soon. Hopefully police will capture these two criminals soon!

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