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Nathan Trapuzzano: Father-to-be murdered in tragic crime

Nathan Trapuzzano was the victim of a shooting with no apparent cause.
Nathan Trapuzzano was the victim of a shooting with no apparent cause.
Photo by Mesa Top News Examiner: Video screen cap

Nathan Trapuzzano is not celebrity or a man that many would know, but he is the victim of a tragic crime that is gaining national attention today. The young man was out for a walk, and he was killed in a senseless crime. On April 3, WTAE reported on the crime.

Nathan Trapuzzano was a resident of a Frankin Park, a town in Pennsylvania. However, he moved to Indianapolis with his wife, and he was expecting his first child in just a few months. Now his daughter will never meet him. His wife is a widow before their first anniversary.

Trapuzzano was out for a walk early Tuesday morning when he was fatally shot. Police are investigating, and there is no motive for his death at this time. This is a death that shocked not only those in his new home of Indianapolis, but those that knew him in his hometown are also shocked by the news.

Jason Baxter, a friend of Nathan's in Franklin Park, said the following about the murder of his friend:

I just can't believe it's true. I just can't believe an innocent kid like that, their life can be taken that simple. He was loving, into God, he cared for others. He was just a great kid. It really hurts to see someone's life could be taken that easy.

Many die across this country every day, but such senseless crimes like this one do hurt just a bit more. He had so much to live for, and now he is gone.

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