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Nathan Sykes talks about what he might do after The Wanted

Back on Friday (February 28), we got more news about The Wanted’s upcoming break and the multiple reasons & stories that lead to that. And of course everyone wants to know what is next for all five of the boys when they take their hiatus later this year. Max previously said that him and Nathan have signed with Scooter Braun as solo acts, however, Nathan says that’s news to him.

Nathan Sykes of The Wanted at B96 Jingle Bash
Photo by Timothy Hiatt

“That’s news to me,” Nathan said when asked about Max’s comments by Maximum Pop. “If that’s the case I wish Scooter Braun would give us a phone call and let us know. But at the moment, I’m just taking this opportunity to relax and just really appreciate what The Wanted has achieved over the last five years.”

Now that Nathan has debunked that whole thing, he says that he does hope to be able to stay in music after the band.

“I’m still very young,” Nathan said. “I think people forget I am still 20 years old, I think people think The Wanted has been around forever and that I’m 57. But I am still very young and music is what I’ve always loved doing and it’s something I wanna do for the rest of my life.”

He added: “I think I definitely will stay in music but whether that’s as a artist or as a songwriter or maybe down a different route in music, that’s still to be decided. But I think as a 20 year old I’d be crazy to stop making music.”

Nathan comes to Denver with The Wanted as part of their Word of Mouth Tour in April.

What do you hope to see from Nathan after The Wanted start their “break?"

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