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Nathan Parsons joins 'True Blood' season 7 in recasted role

The face of vampire James will be a little different when "True Blood" returns to cable this summer. That's because, as TVLine reported on January 15, Luke Grimes bowed out of the drama and Nathan Parsons, who most recently played a barkeep on "Bunheads," is stepping into his role.

Luke Grimes will no longer be playing James on HBO's True Blood.
Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images

While recasting during the middle of a show doesn't happen often, at least outside of daytime soaps, the HBO drama has some plans for James in the show's seventh season. Namely, it's been reported that he's going to be at the heart of a love triangle. Grimes supposedly didn't like this storyline for his character, or the fact that he'd be working with Deborah Ann Woll (who plays Jessica) less, and decided to get out of his contract. Then again, that might just be part of the story. After all, Grimes is still plenty busy, as he's been cast as Christian Grey's brother in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" film.

Conveniently for "True Blood" fans, Grimes and Parsons do bear a passable resemblance. Even so, it may change the chemistry of the show, particularly between Woll and Parsons.

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