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Nathan Griffith claims Barbara disrespected him on 'Teen Mom 2'

'Teen Mom 2' star Nathan Griffith selfie.
'Teen Mom 2' star Nathan Griffith selfie.
Nathan Griffith/Facebook

Nathan Griffith acted completely out of line on last week's episode of "Teen Mom 2."

During the show, he was seen belittling Jenelle Evans' mother, and claiming that she got her daughter hooked on heroin. It was a shameful display of emotion and something Nathan should be extremely embarrassed about and remorseful for.

Sadly, that is not the case. In a recently released featured clip from "Teen Mom 2," Nathan is seen blaming the incident on Barbara, claiming that her accusations of his lying and freeloading off Jenelle set him off.

“I think when I was a child, I probably lied a lot,” Nathan admits in the clip, provided by MTV on March 14. “So now I hate anyone calling me a liar because I work hard [to prove I'm not]. I don’t like speaking out of my a** anymore.”

“I try my hardest to be a good person and I try my hardest to be a respectable person," he continued. "She was disrespecting [me] when she said I was lying and that I was using you, and it hurt my feelings because I’m not that type of guy.”

Nathan might claim that he's not that type of guy, but his actions speak much louder than his words and appear to solidify Barbara's worries. Not only did Nathan quit his job months ago, never to find another, he's also reportedly driving around with Jenelle since he has no car of his own.

By all accounts, Nathan seems to be fully free-loading, and there's nothing his words can do for that.

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