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Nate Quarry says UFC 'uses and discards' its fighters

According to a Feb. 19 report from MMA Junkie, former UFC fighter Nate Quarry has spoken out against the UFC's plan to institute mandatory uniforms for UFC fighters.

Quarry, 41, says the UFC squeezes money out of its fighters, and the new mandatory uniform idea is just the latest in the promotion's nickel-and-dime tactics.

People have no clue from the outside what it's like to fight for the UFC. After spending 10-15 years chasing your dream only to see that the company it's been your dream to fight for cares nothing about the fighters and only cares about the bottom line.

Quarry also explained what he believes to be a ridiculous policy regarding cornermen. He doesn't like the fact that the UFC only allows fighters to use hotel gyms for free. He thinks the promotion should at least cover the fighter and all of his cornermen.

"A fighter gets to use the gym at the hotel he's fighting at for free," Quarry explained. "The cornermen and everyone with him have to pay. So I'm helping Leben make weight the day of weigh ins and have to pay to go sit in the sauna with him. The UFC couldn't say, 'The fighter gets 3 people to go into the gym with him the week of the fight.'

"That's just nickel and dime stuff. With every little bit they try to squeeze out of the fighters, the more the other organizations will look more attractive."

Quarry said he's grateful for the opportunities the UFC gave him, but he wants young fighters to understand its a cold, hard business. The UFC is trying to make money and he says the fighters simply aren't that important to them.

"I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to fight for the UFC and everything I have besides my daughter has come from fighting. But let's not fool ourselves. It's not a charity. It's a business," Quarry said. "And they are doing everything they can to make money. The fighters are just a product to use and discard. Every up and coming fighter is the best ever. Every ex-fighter who then expresses an opinion is a coward, loser, etc, etc.

"I fought for the world title for $10,000. Not a penny more. No bonus. No cut of the PPV. The gate alone was 3.5 million dollars. The third highest gate in UFC history at the time. And they must have loved the fight cuz they show the final punch at the start of every PPV."

Analysis: What Quarry said shouldn't just be tossed aside with a grain of salt, as he's one of the most level-headed, well-respected former fighters out there.

He brings up some great points about the UFC affecting fighter pay with their policies on sponsorships. On the other hand, Quarry signed the contract for his title fight, so he knew exactly how much money he would be making on it.

Back in 2005, when Quarry fought Rich Franklin, the UFC wasn't making as much money as it is today. $10k for a title fight in 2014 seems like a small amount of money, but it was a decent amount in 2005 since the UFC wasn't as profitable as it is today.

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