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Natalie Standiford's 'Switched at Birthday' is an uproarious read.

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Sometimes the prologue - the story that starts the story – is so entertaining and so fun that a reader can’t help but to be so happy to have picked up the book. It’s a foreshadowing that says to a reader, “You are in for a treat.”

That is certainly the case with Natalie Standiford’s “Switched at Birthday,” released on February 25th. Without giving said prologue away, the story is at once funny, sweet, and a comedy of errors in so many ways.

Take, for example, the talent show. Oh, the talent show… It’s cringe-worthy, really, but that’s not the whole story. The story is two gals who go to the same school and have the same birthday, but are complete opposites. Standiford’s wily crafting of characters couldn’t be more perfect! Readers, be prepared for hi-jinks when these two blow out their birthday candles. Somehow, someway, they end up in each other’s bodies and the other one’s life! Alternating chapters tell the story from each main character’s standpoint.

It’s Scarlet and her Glossy Posse who jump up and down and scream a lot when they’re happy and excited. It’s also Lavender who is teased by said posse, but she doesn’t do herself any favors, either. (Hygiene is a real thing, people!) But then again, would everyone start throwing rose petals in her path just because she washed her hair? It’s a pink canopied bedroom versus a messy one, and a loving close family versus a strained tense and proper one.

While the story progresses, the two learn about each other’s lives and find compassion where they did not expect. When a secret is revealed, the trust they built up together is destroyed. How will they ever get back to their own bodies and their own lives?