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Natalie Portman, James Franco named best smiles by cosmetic dentists

Natalie Portman was named best smile among 2011 Academy Award nominees by cosmetic dentists
Natalie Portman was named best smile among 2011 Academy Award nominees by cosmetic dentists
John Shearer/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

We're always told that the mouth is key to fitness, but there is a healthy mouth ... and then there is a fabulous smile. For a little fitness levity, think for a moment about which celebrity has the best smile. With the 2011 Oscars in sight, a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that Black Swan diva Natalie Portman swept the field with 91% of cosmetic dentists ranking her smile #1 among other nominees in the Best Actor/Actress in a Leading or Supporting Role.

Not far behind is 127 Hours-star James Franco, who took the runner-up spot with 82% of votes. The Fighter's Christian Bale, only got 26% of the vote.

See pictures of the top six vote getters and see if you agree

Oscar nominee smile ratings

  • #1 Natalie Portman
  • #2 James Franco
  • #3 Nicole Kidman
  • #4 Annette Bening
  • #5 Colin Firth
  • #6 Christian Bale

There's no telling how much time (or money) Portman puts into her smile, but for that role in Black Swan, she worked out six days a week for eight hours a day, says Shape Magaine. She also supplemented her ballet workouts with swimming, endurance and cross-training. (Check out that Shape article for some exercises you do yourself or if you're here in Silicon Valley, look for a workshop by Stephanie Herman, a dancer/fitness pro who holds classes and workshops that help people of all fitness levels find the dancer within.)

Most kissable star mouths
The AACD member dentists also ranked the most kissable smiles and here are the results:

Angelina Jolie for having the perfect pout for smooching. Natalie Portman comes in second followed by a close third-place tie for Halle Berry and Julia Roberts.

As for the most kissable men, Golden Globe nominee Jake Gyllenhaal beat out perennial favorites such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Denzel Washington.

Your top choices
Do your top choices match the dentists? If not, or if so, put in your two-cents worth in the comments section. And to get San Jose Fitness via email, subscribe to get the updates.


  • Profile picture of Virginia Kahler-Anderson
    Virginia Kahler-Anderson 4 years ago

    Well, all the people in your slide-show do have a beautiful smile, but, let's face it, it helps to have the money and position to smile about. :)

    San Jose Food Examiner
    San Jose Home Fitness Examiner

  • Profile picture of Beverly Mucha
    Beverly Mucha 4 years ago

    I agree with Virginia, good dental hygiene is also a big help. Thanks for sharing the smiles.

  • Profile picture of Amy Rabinovitz
    Amy Rabinovitz 4 years ago

    Yep I'm with you both Virginia and Beverly - dental hygiene is good - good genes are better - and money really helps. And there is one of the winners that I disagree - I mean, Christian Bale? Among the top 6? Really?

  • Profile picture of Virginia Kahler-Anderson
    Virginia Kahler-Anderson 4 years ago

    I'm with you, Amy, Christian Bale? Don't get me wrong. I like him, as an actor and in looks. But he does not have a "best smile." Ooh, aren't we harsh. Lol!

  • Profile picture of Amy Rabinovitz
    Amy Rabinovitz 4 years ago

    Virginia - LOL - I'm with you on Bales talent and looks, but the smile? Well, maybe I just couldn't find a good picture that did that smile justice because I don't see it as being among the very best celebrity smiles. Yooo hoooo - Christian, please send me a cuter picture of your teeth. On the other hand I was delighted to see Annette Bening, who I agree has a charming smile and as you probably know, graduated from SF State and got her acting start at ACT in SF.

  • Fairchild 4 years ago

    I don't agree with the dentists - sorry - I do think that Natalie Portman has a great smile - but Colin Frith? Not so much.

  • Profile picture of Pat Anthony
    Pat Anthony 4 years ago

    This is so funny-anyone with the cash can have these beautiful smiles.

  • Profile picture of Nancy Zielinski
    Nancy Zielinski 3 years ago

    Enjoyed your article Amy. I agree with Pat though. Anyone with money can afford to buy great looking teeth, although good dental care will keep them healthy looking at least.

    Nancy Z-Grand Rapids Public Health Examiner and Sexual Health Examiner

  • Profile picture of Heidi Cox
    Heidi Cox 3 years ago

    Fun article! Some people overdo it but clean, straight teeth are important and make difference in your attractiveness. Gum disease is linked to overall health so it is not all about looking good too. I'm glad we finally know this-it has taken many years to make the link it seems.

    Heidi Cox, DC Women's Health Examiner

  • Profile picture of Amy Rabinovitz
    Amy Rabinovitz 3 years ago

    I'm really enjoying the points people make about the importance of good dental care/health AND the reminder that sometimes a good smile is the product of money spent - not care taken. Thanks!

  • Profile picture of Rhonda Cratty
    Rhonda Cratty 3 years ago

    Beautiful smiles also keep healthy hearts...we all need the floss.