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Natalie Guercio upset about her music single: ‘Mob Wives’ update

Natalie Guercio is upset about the way her music single is being handled and does not feel she is being involved in enough of the process. The Source reports on Feb. 24 that Guercio made the single “Delicious” with Ryan Banks, but she now thinks he is promoting it without her. Since she was focused on the “Mob Wives,” she may have missed the opportunity to be more involved in the industry.

Natalie Guercio (on the right)
"Mob Wives" press kit

Guercio feels that Banks is trying to take over the music single and has been promoting it without her consent. He has been in contact with various entertainment sources to boost his profile, but Guercio’s “Mob Wives” commitments prevented her from being able to attend many of the meetings. Banks has been working on the single without her, and she feels he is taking advantage of her because it still has her name on it.

Guercio recently shared that her single “Delicious” is finally on iTunes and she plans to release the music video soon. Although Banks is still on the cover of the song, Guercio claims she no longer talks to him and will only use her lawyer to communicate with him in the future.

Guercio shares that she blocked Banks on Twitter and other social media accounts because of their conflict, but Banks is still actively tweeting to her from his account. He also seems to be keeping up with “Mob Wives” news and sharing YouTube videos of episodes.

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