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Natalie Grant Walks out on Grammys, Sends a Message to Christians

Walk out on anti-Christian Content, wherever you find it
Walk out on anti-Christian Content, wherever you find it
By Randy Pope

As the vehicle merged onto I-76 the DJ on one of Akron's Christian radio stations announced that Natalie Grant had left the Grammys early because she could no longer stomach the blatant anti-Christian nature of the event. The DJ applauded Natalie for her courage to get up and walk out of the Grammys. He then proceeded to invite his audience to call in and share their story of exiting a venue because of anti-Christian content.

From the backseat of the car, you heard, in a muted shout, “Yeah, I took my kids out of the government schools.”

Another passenger chimed in, “yeah what was that number?”

The drive then spoke up, “That is so true. Christians are willing to leave a movie theater in the middle of a movie because of gratuitous cussing, even though scripture never explicitly condemns cussing. Many have even abandoned Hollywood and so called “secular music” because of gratuitous sexual content, and yes the perversion of sex is out of hand in this society in many ways. Yes, Christians will even protest inappropriate sex ed curriculum, or the teaching of evolution as an established fact in their local school. Yet all of these things are mere outward manifestations. The real problem is much deeper. Most Christians still place their children in the care of a blatantly anti-Christian education system.”

The fourth passenger had remained silent up to this point, now he spoke up. “You just said it Ted, most Christian parents still put their children in the public schools. Can all of those Christian parents be wrong?”

“Well of course they could. A majority vote has never made something that is wrong right. So the question is are they wrong? I would contend that they are.”

“Are you passing judgment on 95% of the parents in your own church?” retorted Saul.

“No, Saul. It is not up to me to pass judgment upon anyone. I would merely make the case that the government education system is blatantly anti-Christian, and I see a double standard within many Christians on this issue. I happen to know that our DJ friend here has his children in the government schools. He has made the argument, on air, on a previous occasion, that he is making his mark in the world by placing his children in the government schools. Now he turns around and applauds Natalie Grant for walking out of the Grammys because they were blatantly anti-Christian.”

“You know that there are a number of Christian teachers in the public schools?”

“Yes, I am aware of that. I am also aware that they are not teaching their subject through the grid of scripture. They can't. The government schools are officially secular and do not allow for a distinctly Christian education. That is what makes the government education system blatantly anti-Christian.”

As the vehicle turns into Saul's driveway to drop him off, Ted closes with, “Saul, it is not for me to judge you for turning your children over to a secular anti-God system. I would simply like to suggest that you ask yourself, the next time that you turn the TV off because the cussing is getting out of hand, or the sexual content is inappropriate, 'what am I doing to protect my children from the anti-Christian nature of their education?'”

Author note: In response to feedback from this article a follow up article, "School Choice is not Dependent Upon Legislative Action" has been posted.

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