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Natalie Grant talks 'It Takes a Church' in new exclusive interview

Natalie Grant
Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Natalie Grant is the star of the show "It Takes A Church" which airs the season one finale on Thursday July 31. On Tuesday, Examiner got the chance to speak to Natalie in an exclusive e-mail interview and find out the latest scoop on the show. If you are not watching this one, then you are missing out!

How did this show come about? Did they come to you or was it your idea?

They came to me and sought me out. When they first told me about a dating game show that would happen in the church, I was really reluctant. But when I learned more about what the show is really about - showing community and showing how churches can rally around one another, and that church is really actually the perfect place to meet a significant other - I decided to do it.

This is really different twist on the normal dating shows. Does anyone find love that lasts on "It Takes a Church?"

Well, because each episode doesn't end with an engagement, its a little soon to tell. The thing I love about this show is that there is no pressure. They only go on one date, so it's just an opportunity to get to know someone a little better, without the pressure of knowing whether or not you are going to marry them. But I have heard that there is a couple (Randy and Rhoda from Tempe, AZ) who are seriously dating. So who knows? :)

Will viewers get to see updates on some of the couples?

I'm hoping so! The last couple of weeks, they've posted a quick update at the end of each episode, but I'm hoping that they'll do something a bit more in depth - not only for the viewers, but also for me. I want to know too!

What was your favorite part of filming this show?

Interacting and interfacing with the local church. I am a local church girl to my core and I love what the church represents - being a community and a family - and it was fun to get to know all of the different congregations.

What can your fans expect to see you doing next?

Since I'm first and foremost a singer, you can definitely plan on hearing more music in the future and I'm also putting a lot of time and effort into a women's event that I created with my best friend, called "Dare to Be." We'll be heading out in January on a brand new event tour. For more information go to

Would you be interested in doing another season if the option came up?


Don't miss the season one finale of "It Takes A Church" when it airs on July 31 on GSN. Hopefully news about a second season will come out soon.

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