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Natalie Calvo found: Girl back with family after armed man abducted her

Natalie Calvo was found hours after being abducted Fri. night.
Natalie Calvo was found hours after being abducted Fri. night.
Commons Wikimedia

Seven-year-old Natalie Calvo was found after an AMBER alert went out that she was abducted. The incident happened Friday night in Antioch, Calif. to the young Filipino girl. She was taken from her mother after they arrived back home from grocery shopping. ABS-CBN News reports Jan. 6 that Natalie was found just hours after the alert went out by police.

Natalaie's mother, Gina Calvo, fought to keep her little girl as the abductor tried making away with her, but when he showed a gun, she backed off. He forced the girl into his car and sped off.

Police say the man -- David Allen Douglas, 43 -- had been following the girl and her mother when they were shopping at the Walmart in East Bay. When they got home, Douglas made his move.

The abduction happened at 6:45 p.m. and fortunately Natalie Calvo was found hours later at about midnight after law enforcement received a tip from the AMBER alert. Police were able to find Natalie in Douglas' car at a downtown marina.

The seven-year-old was reunited with her family after the traumatic experience. She suffered no injuries from the incident. It is unknown at this point what charges Douglas will face.

It was a good thing Natalie Calvo was found as fast as she was. The first few hours after a child is kidnapped is the most critical in rescuing them. The longer a child is gone after an abduction, the less their chances are of survival. The Calvos are lucky this did not turn out any worse!

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