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Nat. Baptist Conv. Pres. candidate: 'The Black church has become too passive'

Pastor Dr. R. B. Holmes
Pastor Dr. R. B. Holmes
Pastor Dr. R. B. Holmes -- Houston Forward Times

Pastor Dr. R. B. Holmes, who recently announced his candidacy for the National Baptist Convention, believes the Black church has lost it's place fighting for social injustice and confronting issues that lower Christian values.

“The Black church has become too quiet, too passive, too disconnected when it comes to challenging policies, programs and persons that degrade and devastate our people” said Holmes.

Dr. R. B. Holmes, who is known for his fight against hazing and the“stand your ground laws”, has support from the parents of the late Travon Martin and Pastor Jamal-Harrison Bryant.

"Historic Black church, has always been on the front line, realizing that we are the voice for the voiceless. And so many who have become disconcerted and disenfranchised are really trying to discover has the Black church contracted laryngitis? Because we’ve not heard a voice,” Bryant said. “Historically it’s always been a Black Baptist preacher to correct America and put us back on track; it’s always been the voice of a Black Baptist preacher to speak truth to power uncompromising…unbossed and unbought.”

Dr. Holmes, pastor of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tallahassee Florida, is the former president of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education. He also owns Capital Outlook Newspaper, which is a member of the National Newspaper Publishers Association.