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Nassau Coliseum’s Brooklyn Islanders

The New York Islanders recently revealed the team will wear a special shoulder patch commemorating the orange and blue’s final season of play at the Nassau Coliseum. The same franchise already unveiled a new logo touting themselves as Brooklynites. It seems the Islanders do not whether they are coming or going.

Draft picks and all, the Islanders are moving to the Barclay's Center in June of 2015.
Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Artificial coloring, lame quacking and the Brooklyn Bridge

It looks as though the Islanders are talking out of both sides of their collective mouths again. The latest gimmick involves a patch that will be worn by the Islanders at all home games. The patch features the official team colors with a slogan that reads, “Tradition on Ice,” while hovering above four Stanley Cup trophies. How quaint. Too bad it appears to be a disingenuous effort at pacifying an angry fan base. But would you expect anything different from a lame duck team with a lame duck owner?

Before the Islanders hype about the new patch, which bears a likeness to Nassau Coliseum, the organization had already jumped onto the Barclay’s bandwagon with a signature emblem marking their first game played within the borough. That happened on Sept. 21, 2013. The logo featured the Brooklyn Bridge. Wait, the Brooklyn Bridge? Oh yeah, it must be Islander country. Nothing says Islanders like the Brooklyn Bridge.

A missing feeling of duty, revenue is the game and frenemies

No doubt, the former NHL dynasty has one skate in Nassau County and the other at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. That is pretty convenient. It must be the Islander’s loyalty to their fans at work again. But don’t forget, in two years, minority stake shareholders will assume full control from current owner Charles Wang. They could move the team away from the New York metropolitan area altogether in the name of profits.

The folks over at the Barclays Center have often disrespected Islander fans. For instance, subscribers to the Coliseum’s official newsletter, Coliseum Connection, have received advertisements for the Barclays Center when the Islanders have not yet left the only home the team has ever known. Once more, it sounds like Islander profit trumps fan loyalty. With the Islanders as friends, hockey fans do not need enemies. By the way, images of the new Islander patch will not be directly shown here. Neither will the Brooklyn logo. It is called dignity.

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