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'Nashville Wives': New reality show has moralistic foundation

"Private Lives of Nashville Wives" premieres Monday on TNT.
"Private Lives of Nashville Wives" premieres Monday on TNT.
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"Private Lives of Nashville Wives" is a new reality show premiering on TNT Monday night and it will be a lot different than other reality programs. FOX 411 reports Feb. 24 that two of the cast members -- Cassie Chapman and Erika Page White -- talked about their new show.

Chapman is married to Christian singer, Gary Chapman. Religion is a "central" part of their life and they also adopted a baby.

White used to work on "One Life to Live" and model. She loves being away from the camera in an unscripted way, but believes "Nashville Wives" will be the perfect show for her. She has been focused on raising her children and is ready to appear on a show different than other ones that feature women on reality television.

Chapman and White are good friends and share the common tie of religion, which brought them closer.

“We’ve very similar with a lot of the stuff that we like, morally, our beliefs,” White said. “We get each other. I feel like I never have to explain myself to Cassie whereas some of the other girls may not understand me as well.”

The full cast of the show consists of Betty Malo, Jenny Terrell, Cassie Chapman, Sarah Davidson, Erika Page White and Ana Margarita Fernandez.

Private Lives of Nashville Wives” premieres Monday, Feb. 24, on TNT.

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