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‘Nashville': Will Scarlett’s struggle with touring turn her into a pill popper?

‘Nashville': Will Scarlett’s struggle with touring turn her into a pill popper?
‘Nashville': Will Scarlett’s struggle with touring turn her into a pill popper?
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Nashville” fans got to see the real Scarlett (Clare Bowen) on “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right” which aired this past week. On Jan. 30, Zap 2 It dissected the good, the bad and the ugly of the direction of Scarlet’s new storyline.

She’s had problems romantically since she arrived in Nashville. Now that she’s tasted success musically, she’s struggling with life on the road and the demands of fame. Her exhaustion has been at the center of the last 2 episodes. This week she had dark circles under eyes, hair that looked as if a flock of birds had recently nested there and her eyes where perpetually bloodshot.

To make matters worse, Rayna set up a session for Scarlett with Liam (Michiel Huisman) who we all know is no pussy cat when it comes to his work ethic. He can’t deal with the drivel Scarlett is singing – whiskey-slamming and dirty dancing are not her style. In an effort to get to know the real Scarlett, he swipes her journal and locks himself in the recording booth to read it.

This is the first time in weeks we’ve seen our songbird be anything but tired. She’s furious but helpless to change it. When Liam emerges, he questions her about a poem she wrote called “Black Roses.” This is where we finally get to know who the real Scarlett is.

The poem is about her mother who was bipolar. Scarlett spent her childhood learning how to be invisible so she wouldn’t set her off. Inevitably something would set her off, though and Mom would get carted off to the mental institution that a young Scarlett called going to the “horse farm.” This gave us better insight into why she is so timid, preferring to be a people-pleaser than to stand up for herself unless her back’s against the wall.

She and Liam pulled an all-0nighter to write the song “Black Roses.” When Liam saw how wiped out she was, he offered her his prescription medication and said it was like drinking 4 cups of coffee. Without hesitation, she took the pill and another in the morning. Then she tossed the bottle into her purse.

Just when it seems we are getting to know the real Scarlett and eager to see how she will deal with this part of her personality and life scars she has, it looks as if the writers think it would be better to turn her into a drug addict. You just know that is where this going. In spite of her beloved Uncle Deacon having an addiction problem – his is alcohol – Scarlett is apparently prepared to throw caution to the wind.

Hopefully this is a short-lived storyline, one that someone like Deacon, Gunnar or Avery helps her nip ASAP.

What do you think will happen to Scarlett? Tune in Wednesday, Feb. 6 for the next installment, “Too Far Gone” on “Nashville.”

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