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Nashville TV Show: Exclusive GH's Jonathan Jackson on Nashville (early days)

We have liked the character of 'Avery' on the Nashville TV show since the early days, and in the attached video, Nashville actor, Jonathan Jackson does talk about his character from when he was the boyfriend of 'Scarlet' (Claire Bowen). At that time, it was 'Avery' and 'Scarlet' more or less 'against the world' as they were struggling singer/songwriters in Nashville, which is nicknamed 'Music City, USA', and takes it's name appropriately from the wide and varied and multitude of musicians who are struggling to make a career in music in this town.

Cast of Nashville TV show photos
Photo by Rick Diamond
Back row: Jonathan Jackson, Eric Close, Connie Britton, Chip Esten, Sam Palladio, Chaley Rose. Front:Chris Carmack, Frankie Fine, Clare Bowen, Judith Hoag, Maisy Stella, Lennon Stella and Callie Khouri
Photo by Rick Diamond

However, since the early beginnings of the Nashville TV show, we've seen 'Avery' as he lost 'Scarlet', then we didn't really see him with anyone else, until he started to 'hook up' with one of the main characters of the show, played by Hayden Pantierre, as the character of 'Juliette Barnes'. We were not sure at the time this was first being suggested in the script that we liked him connecting with Juliette, but as time went on, we became big fans of the Juliette character, and we saw 'Scarlet' move on to other musicians along the way, including her and Avery's mutual friend, 'Gunnar'.

Then when Scarlet and Gunnar broke apart, Gunnar's next girlfriend turned out to be no other than Scarlet's childhood friend, and that really made her mad at the world, especially at her old friend and Gunnar both. But as Avery moved on toward being the (only) man in Juliette's world, things got off kilter for Avery's old girlfriend Scarlet.

Now to help you understand the title of the video, the term of 'GH' is for no less than that old standby TV soap opera, 'General Hospital' and that is where Nashville TV show actor Jonathan Jackson was in his prior work before the days of the 'Nashville' TV show.