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‘Nashville’ the scoop on the show and the town from Connie Britton

‘Nashville’ the scoop on the show and the town from Connie Britton
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Nashville’s” Rayna James actress, Connie Britton, recently gave an interview about what Nashville will bring in coming weeks and she meant the show as well as the town. CMT News shared what she had to say on Feb. 19.

Though Britton says she herself doesn’t always anticipate what’s coming on the show, she believes the characters of Rayna and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) will grow closer over time. She might know more if they got their scripts earlier but as it stands, they only get them about 1 week before they are filmed.

Of the city, Britton says it’s beginning to feel like home. The town has been very receptive to her, the show and the rest of the cast and crew. She compared it Hollywood saying, "Nashville's very different from Hollywood. There are some similarities because both are show business towns. The music business is obviously a very big part of Nashville. But it has a much more small-town feel than Hollywood. So when you're there, it feels like running away from home."

“Nashville” has been off the air for a couple of weeks because of the Olympics. When we left the show, Rayna had learned her sister was involved in her father’s arrest for fraud and racketeering; that her father was involved in her mother’s death and that her father had suffered what may have been a fatal heart attack. She is struggling for funding to keep her new record label open and the only shining lights in her life at the moment are her two daughters and her love interest, Luke Wheeler.

“Nashville” returns to ABC on Wednesday, March 5.

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