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‘Nashville’ spoilers for ‘I’ll Keep Climbing’

‘Nashville’ spoilers for ‘I’ll Keep Climbing’
‘Nashville’ spoilers for ‘I’ll Keep Climbing’
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After being gone for a couple of weeks, “Nashville” returns with "I'll Keep Climbing." We know the cliffhangers we need resolution to – Will Peggy or Will die? Who is after Teddy and why? What will happen between Scarlett and Gunnar now that they are on tour together? Broadway World reported on Jan. 3 on this crucial episode.

The next episode won’t air until Jan. 15 and it promises a new mystery will arise. That could pertain to the Will/Peggy situation or who is after Teddy or something else altogether.

Kelly Clarkson is going to appear as herself. She wants to record one of the songs written by Scarlett and Gunnar. They get to work with her recording it and Scarlett’s going to have a meltdown over Gunnar’s relationship with Zoe that could sour the whole thing.

Juliette is still coping with the fallout from the media link about her affair with Charlie Wentworth. Now she finds herself the victim of some creative media editing that seems to depict her saying there is no God.

Rayna finds herself dealing with a lot of added pressure to succeed with her new label, Highway 65, now that she’s finally out from under Edgehill’s control. Deacon who has found sobriety and stability, struggles to write new music until Maddie and Daphne lend a hand.

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