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‘Nashville’ sneak peek for episode 2X16 ‘Guilty Street’ Juliette spurns Jeff

‘Nashville’ sneak peek for episode 2X16 ‘Guilty Street’ Juliette spurns Jeff
‘Nashville’ sneak peek for episode 2X16 ‘Guilty Street’ Juliette spurns Jeff
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

In the upcoming episode of “Nashville,” Jeff is making advances to woo Juliette back to Edgehill Records but she isn’t going back easily. According to the sneak peek shared March 3 on Spoiler TV, it looks like Jeff is all wet when “Guilty Street” airs.

In the original promo, there is a snippet about Juliette receiving a bottle of expensive champagne that was sent to hers and Avery’s table while they waited for dinner. In the sneak peek, Juliette is very impressed as she recognizes it to be a very good brand. When the waiter gestures and she discovers Jeff sent it, Avery wants to send it back.

Juliette accepts the bottle however. Avery asks incredulously, “you’re not seriously going to drink that?”

She replies, “No, I’m not” with a grin as big as Texas.

She saunters over to Jeff’s table where he is dining with a woman and asks, What’s this cost? About $10,000?” He says, “Yes, give or take a few dollars.” Then Juliette does what only Juliette would do.

She shakes the bottle a little and slams it on the table as she pops the loosened cork so that the champagne shoots up and bubbles all over Jeff and his meal. She quips as she’s walking away, “Enjoy every penny.”

It doesn’t look like Juliette is interested on going back to Edgehill anytime soon, at least not while Jeff is in charge.

“Guilty Street” airs on Nashville, on Wednesday, March 5 on ABC.

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